Dentists Retooling Anti-Opioid Initiatives


Anti-Opioid - Dentists Retooling When there is much discussion about anti-opioid, you may not immediately think of dentistry. Yet in the 1990s, dentists were the top clinical prescriber of opioids. With a number of innovative and educational initiatives, prescriptions ordered by dentists dropped more than 50 percent by 2012, according to There can be lessons learned by dentists and a...

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Over-prescribing Opioid, Yet Unused Drugs Over-prescribing opioid - While there is an opioid crisis in this country, there is another part of the problem: too often the medications targeted for post-surgeries aren’t used. They are left in the house, and may be taken by someone else or accidentally picked up by a child. Not only do many people take only some or none of the prescribed...

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Opioid Crisis: Heroin In the midst of the opioid prescription crisis among patients using prescription drugs in the U.S. in recent years, there has been rising concerns about heroin that is never prescribed and illegal, but has been a constant concern for generations. According to the  in 2016 about 948,000 Americans reported using heroin within that past year, which officials said r...

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