Dentists Retooling Anti-Opioid Initiatives


Anti-Opioid - Dentists Retooling When there is much discussion about anti-opioid, you may not immediately think of dentistry. Yet in the 1990s, dentists were the top clinical prescriber of opioids. With a number of innovative and educational initiatives, prescriptions ordered by dentists dropped more than 50 percent by 2012, according to There can be lessons learned by dentists and a...

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Officials Worry More Pregnant Women Turning To Opioids A growing number of pregnant women turn to opioids to relieve their pain, but possible abuse of the drugs threaten their safety and that of their babies. Opioid use in pregnancy has risen dramatically in recent years, coinciding with other problems nationally involving opioids. The number of delivering mothers using or dependin...

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As the U.S. struggles with an opioid epidemic, government officials, doctors and patients are confronting drugs too heavily used and sometimes too often prescribed. Everyone is searching for opioid alternatives for patients, many of whom are coping with intense pain. An estimated 91 million people were prescribed opiate painkillers in this country, and 2 million people suffer from substance abu...

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