Medical Imaging To Help Find the Unknown In Neurological Disorders


Medical Imaging Researchers are finding through medical imaging that the body’s cells work essentially the same way as those rescuers, taking a short cut from the skull to the brain in what they are calling a “secret tunnel” inside the head to fight off infections and brain disorders, according to the These cells – known as immune cells – move through the skull’s bone mar...

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A major engine that drives our red blood cells is having an adequate amount of iron yet many people throughout the world do not have enough. The major symptoms caused by iron deficiency in the blood cause a host of problems, ranging from irritability, fatigue, and muscle weakness, and lowered immunity to poor concentration. That is certainly a mouthful of issues, and points to the importance...

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Cordyceps, the famous medicinal widely known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for boosting energy, has up to 400 related species with many variations used for a wide variety of healthcare improvement purposes and as a food supplement. It is a long and intriguing list. Cordyceps is used as an anti-oxidant against cell damage. It works against liver disorders, and has anti-tumor mechanisms and...

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