Caffeine Intake: A Concern for Children and Teen


Caffeine Intake: A Concern for Children and Teen Caffeine intake - while many don't consider it as a concern, caffeine is the most psychoactive drug consumed throughout the world and . It is classified as a drug because of its stimulating effects. Most people are unaware of how powerful a drug it is. Caffeine was once limited to adults, however, because it is so commonplace and accept...

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Morning is almost synonymous with Java in the U.S. and many other countries. Say “cup” and the likelihood is that coffee is the other word attached, for many people.  “I need to wake up and have my coffee.” “Do you want another cup of coffee?” As long as coffee has been around, there almost has been a swirl of controversy around it, whether it is good for you or n...

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Coffee and tea are known for many health benefits, many which they share. These benefits have often been attributed to the powerful antioxidants in these beverages, like caffeic acid in coffee and EGCG in green and pu’er teas. There has seemed to be a reluctance to link health benefits to caffeine, which coffee and tea also share. There shouldn’t be. Research shows caffeine provides a great he...

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