Keeping Tabs On Your Blood’s Circulation


Yes, there is a wonderful stream that runs through us: the blood that circulates through our body. Proper blood flow is necessary for the body to heal all kinds of injuries or other ailments. Blood, which includes red white blood cells, platelets and plasma, make up 8 percent of body weight. Bloods circulates throughout the body, carrying oxygen and nutrients to all cells, and removes waste and...

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Panax notoginseng is a good stuff, and has the functions of homeostasis, activating blood circulation and supplementing the blood. In modern medicine, Panax notoginseng is widely used to treat cardiovascular diseases. It can protect myocardium, be antiarrhythmic, lower lipid level, be anti-atherosclerotic, and mildly lower blood pressure; also, it protects brain tissues, improves brain circulation...

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