Benefits of Omega-3-6-9 : Keeping the Balance


Benefits of Omega : Keeping Nutrient Balance We hear a lot about Omega-3 fatty acids and how beneficial they are for the body. In fact, if you google omega fatty acids, most search results are about omega-3 fatty acids. However, omega-3s are just one of three omega fatty acids. The body needs all of them, but the typical Western diets create an omega fatty acid imbalance. Es...

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Gallbladder help to the digestive process It is a small organ under the liver, with outsized importance in Chinese medicine. It’s the gallbladder. It has a giant role in helping the digestive process by storing bile, a fluid made by the liver. As the  “The gallbladder may not seem to do all that much. But if this small organ malfunctions, it can cause serious problems.” As w...

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The Reishi mushroom has been cherished by Chinese medicine for thousands of years and it is now widely accepted and utilized for boosting the immune system. No wonder many call it a superfood. The Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is an edible type of medicinal fungus, and is considered rare and hard to find in nature. but no worries if you want some. It is commonly cultured where it is grown...

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