Review: Immunotain

Review: Immunotain

Review: Immunotain

It’s time for a new approach to health.

For most people, the immune system is largely ignored. At least, that is, until it’s too late. Get a scratch in the throat, however, and awareness soars, shown by the abundance of over-the-counter medications for a cough and cold.

Many are natural, but they all share one thing in common. They’re meant to “fix” a situation rather than prevent it. Even the all-natural cough and cold therapies are simply loaded with herbs, minerals, and vitamins in the hope that they’ll provide the nutrient most needed by the immune system.

Health is more complex than this mechanical approach. The human body is always changing, with every meal and really, every breath. Each new moment brings a new demand on the immune system. This means health, especially the immune system, requires constant support.

And that’s exactly where Immunotain comes in. It’s a simple way to provide constant support for the entire immune system. It’s also unique in the way it doesn’t feature a host of ingredients. In fact, it uses just one, a powerful herbal remedy used by Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to support the immune system and overall health.

In recent years, this “herb” has become popular in the West. It’s likely to become a lot more popular quickly. Through the process improvements of Innovative Chinese Medicine, Immunotain promises to make immune system support an everyday practice.

What the Immune System Needs to Fight Disease

The immune system is tasked with healing wounds, preventing infection and protecting the body against rogue cells, toxins, and waste. This means its needs are constantly changing. And that’s exactly how the reishi mushroom helps.

The Immune-boosting Mushroom

Reishi mushroom or Ganoderma lucidum, as you might also see it labeled, has been a part of Chinese Herbal Medicine for centuries. Modern researchers have identified many benefits such as treating heart disease or to easing respiratory conditions. It’s traditional to use as an immune system booster, making it a great way to prevent illness and disease.

Several compounds give reishi its power. They’re also why Immunotain only needs one active ingredient. These compounds make Reishi really like three powerful supplements in one.

How Immunotain Works

Immunotain harnesses the power of reishi by using the technology of Innovative Chinese Medicine to create a pharma-grade extract with a consistent dose. By doing so, it ensures maximum potency, especially by three specific types of compounds known to provide many of its health benefits. These include:

Beta-glucans > This polysaccharide has become very popular in recent years to address a wide variety of conditions. As an immune booster, it helps by stimulating the production of immune cells.  Beta-glucans also encourages a balanced, but effective immune response at the cellular level.

Triterpenes > This compound reduces inflammation by limiting the production of inflammatory compounds interleukin-6 and TNF-alpha.

Antioxidants > Reishi contains a wealth of antioxidants that help the human body neutralize free radicals and germs. These antioxidants provide a unique effect. They encourage an increase in production of superoxide dismutase, one of the human body’s major antioxidants.

These nutrients combine to make reishi alone a powerful support for the immune system. Together they:

-    Improve immune system response,

-    Reduce inflammation, and

-    Support the body’s natural detox efforts.

The Benefits of Immune Support

Reishi in Immunotain offers a way to keep the immune system working at its best. And an active immune system means fewer colds. It also means more energy as you’re fighting infection more efficiently.

Less illness and inflammation might also mean a reduced risk of early development of chronic conditions. This is the big benefit of prevention – better overall health. Plus, you don’t need to run to the store in reaction to the sudden onset of a scratch in the throat. Instead, you’ll be taking steps every day to protect your health.

How to Take Immunotain

For great results, take two capsules with meals twice a day. For the best results, make sure Immunotain is part of a nutritious diet full of a diverse range of vegetables, healthy fats, lean proteins, and fruits. Nutrition is essential too if you wish to enjoy great health.

Finally, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should always consult with their doctor first before taking any herbal product. Individuals who currently take medications for current conditions should also consult with their healthcare provider.

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