Innovative Chinese Medicine and Heart Health

Innovative Chinese Medicine and Heart Health

Innovative Chinese Medicine and Heart Health

America’s #1 killer of men and women – heart disease – may be an epidemic, but it’s not new. Medical traditions like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have understood heart deficiency exists for thousands of years and promoted heart health. They may not have known the detailed causes of heart disease, but then neither did Western medicine until the last 50 years.

Each tradition has its own approach to diagnosis and treatment. TCM practitioners continue to apply their diagnostic approaches, often enhanced by technology. They may be different and evaluate the heart differently, but this approach has proven lifesaving.

In one case, a practitioner ran through a traditional evaluation and ordered the patient to go to the ER immediately! The patient was surprised as no traditional symptoms were present but went at the doctor’s urging. While at the hospital, the patient had a heart attack. Fortunately, doctors were present and able to provide immediate and life-saving treatments.

A case like this demonstrates the synergy that exists between different medical traditions. It also reflects the respect Traditional Chinese Medicine has for modern technology and ways to improve and enhance traditional practices. This same approach has been applied to TCM’s herbal medicine by Innovative Chinese Medicine, or ICM.

Innovative Chinese Medicine Enhances the Synergism of TCM

Innovative Chinese Medicine (ICM) elevates the herbal medicine tradition of TCM through technology. By using technology, ICM can test and improve the synergism of traditional herbs in herbal medicines. Synergism itself lies at the heart of ICM.

Synergism refers to the combination of multiple herbs to enhance each other’s effect. The practice began more than 2,000 years ago in TCM when books were written detailing combinations of herbs. There are several ways herbs can interact with each other. Some boost each other’s potency while some turn otherwise toxic herbs into life-saving substances. [INSERT LINK TO POST ON SYNERGISM]

This also allows herbs to complement each other’s effect, addressing multiple aspects of a problem.

Innovative Chinese Medicine Holistically Addresses Heart Health

Heart and vascular health involve a complex interaction of many factors: blood pressure, endothelial flexibility, cholesterol and of course more. One of these may produce “numbers” that demand attention. Yet, dysfunction or imbalance in one area means trouble across the entire system. In fact, it may mean dysfunction across multiple systems.

Chinese herbal medicine addresses this through a combination of herbs. One traditional combination includes Danshen, Astragalus and Tienchi Ginseng. Danshen supported the heart and vascular system. Tienchi Ginseng acts as a blood thinner and encourages blood flow. Astragalus acts as an anti-inflammatory, supports the immune system and helps manage blood pressure. Together, these herbs work to address the many factors that affect the cardiovascular system – the heart, arteries and veins; the immune system; and inflammation.

Innovative Chinese Medicine elevates the effect of this combination. By applying science and technology, it identifies the nutrients in each herb and how they interact. It then applies this knowledge to provide the best, balanced combination for the greatest effect.

Innovative Chinese Medicine Guarantees Quality

Technology allows for precise measurement and exact measurement to provide consistent benefit in each dose. It applies exacting global standards to production to limit impurities. With ICM, patients do not need to wonder if they are getting a quality product. Manufactured to meet pharmaceutical-grade quality, every dose provides herbal medicine at its most potent.

ICM Optimizes Potency

One benefit of pharmaceutical drugs has always been the consistency of production. The quality and potency of herbal products has often been called into question. Innovative Chinese Medicine eliminates this question. More importantly, it allows for optimized potency.

Extraction of nutrients by defined standards allows ICM to produce products with a specific potency. For consumers, this guarantees a dose that will have an effect and be safe. Healthcare providers can evaluate the products against current research to find the best products for their patients, to either address current issues or to provide preventative health.

The Future of Heart Health in the 21st Century

With heart disease still the #1 killer of men and women in the U.S., heart health remains a top concern for healthcare providers. Treating current conditions is important, yet, prevention is still the best medicine. Herbs proven by science to support heart health through antioxidant and other mechanisms gives patients and healthcare providers a way to embrace prevention. ICM delivers these herbs in a quantifiable way that ensures quality.

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