Veronica Hayduk, ND

Holistic and Integrative Medicine in Rockville, MD
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Veronica Hayduk, ND

Holistic and Integrative Medicine in Rockville, MD
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About Veronica Hayduk, ND

For over fifteen years, Dr. Veronica Hayduk listens to her patients and offers naturally effective medical treatments for today's toughest health challenges. A naturopathic approach to treating to diseases is often the only way progress can be made and be lasting. Find the cause of your health concern and treat it with practical solutions that work. Check out our website for articles and videos. Dr. Hayduk also offers a complementary brief phone consultation to answer questions.

Complete healing always involves addressing the cause, giving the body the opportunity to heal itself and treating all levels of imbalance. Dr. Hayduk's interests include treating the body by using safe and non-toxic remedies such as botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, cellular drainage & detoxification, lifestyle advice, hydrotherapy, flower essences, homeopathy, and makes use of traditional & bloodless laboratory diagnostic testing to assist patients in reaching their optimal wellness through education and empowerment.

Dr. Hayduk strives to integrate traditional centuries-old knowledge with current medical advances in the treatment of children and adults with colds/flus, skin ailments, hypertension, endocrine disorders, arthritis, immune deficiency, women’s health, infertility, depression & anxiety, environmental toxicity, digestive disorders, among others and also offers oncological support. In this way, the whole person can be treated in a respectful and individualized context.

Dr. Veronica Hayduk’s passion as a doctor is to work in a partnership with her patients by giving each of them what they need to heal themselves. By allowing the wisdom of the body to guide the healing process, she sees miracles happen every day.


  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


  • Owner and naturopathic doctor  (Aug, 2005 - Aug, 2020)

    Second Nature Health, LLC

    Natural medicine for the community of Rockville, Maryland since 2005.


  • Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine  (Sep, 2001 - Aug, 2005)

    Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

    Naturopathic medical degree awarded with honors.

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